After all the ado I made about being summoned to jury duty, I called the courthouse this afternoon and found out I was released. I was scheduled to serve tomorrow morning.

Double oh yes

My sister and I went to see Casino Royale nine days ago. There’s really only one way to summarize the experience: Casino Royale is the best Bond film ever. I’m sure some die-hard Sean Connery fan out there is already fuming because he thinks the Bond franchise reached its apex with Dr. No, and I’m sure some die-hard Timothy Dalton fan is … well … lonely. So I’ll try to break down some of the reasons I liked this Bond so much. Continue reading “Double oh yes”

Fox traffic report

Just out of curiosity, am I the only one who watches Fox 10 News in the morning just to see traffic reporter Andrea Robinson? I tuned in for her traffic report Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week, several times each morning to make sure I got all the latest updates. I walked to work all three days.