Server migration

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been slow with the posts over the past couple weeks. I use shared server space for hosting this blog and many of my other web sites, and the company that rents me the space has been in the process of migrating my entire account to a new server. I’ve been a customer of this company for almost five years, and as usual, the process was a complete pooch-screw. If I had the time to manage my own server, I’d drop them in a heartbeat. Continue reading “Server migration”

Give me handles

If you read my blog regularly, no doubt you’ve noticed I don’t use people’s names, with the exception of public figures. I use my own first name and the first initial of my last name, but that’s it. I do this out of respect for the privacy of the people I write about, most of whom are close friends and family members. However, this policy leads to some awfully cumbersome expressions, like the recurring use of the phrase “my buddy” in several recent articles, which in turn leads to phrases like “my buddy’s wife”, “my buddy’s wife’s parents”, “my buddy’s smoking hot co-worker”, and so forth. It can be tough to read and even tougher to write. Continue reading “Give me handles”

Quiet new year

The new year is off to a rather quiet start. I spent New Year’s Eve at a party at a co-worker’s house. Believe it or not, I didn’t wind up blind drunk and puking in the backyard by the end of the night. On the contrary, over the entire course of the evening, I had exactly two beers and a half-glass of champagne to ring in the new year at midnight. The party was a very low-key affair, most of which I spent getting my ass kicked at pool. I drove home perfectly sober, and I was in bed just after 1. I was a very good boy.