Airborne again

After a long hiatus, I took to the skies again Thursday morning. Since early December, every flight I had scheduled was canceled either because the weather was bad or because I wasn’t feeling well enough to fly. Thursday morning was perfect weather and I was feeling great, so up I went. It was a short flight, just five trips around the airport traffic pattern at Deer Valley, totaling less than an hour. However, it was exactly the kick-start I need to get myself enthusiastic about flying again.

It’s interesting that I received a new issue of AOPA Flight Training magazine in the mail Friday, and it had an article about the loss of confidence pilots feel when they don’t fly for extended periods of time. I wish they had printed it a month earlier. The author made several suggestions for breaking the cycle. The most obvious was simply to go fly again. Easier said than done. The one I thought was the most useful was to spend some quality time with your aircraft. It sounds funny, but when you’re concerned about not having flown enough, making a trip to the airport, sitting in the pilot seat, and turning all the dials really does give you the itch to fly again. I know, because that’s what I did the Saturday prior.