Fire alarm red

I’ve been woken up twice tonight by my building’s fire alarm. Once about fifteen minutes ago, and once about an hour before that. The screech from the alarm is deafening. My heart is racing a couple hundred beats a minute, and any chance of a good night’s sleep is pretty much ruined at this point.

If I find out it was not a malfunction but another tenant who tripped the alarm, I swear I’m going to key his car.

2 thoughts on “Fire alarm red”

  1. Super glue in the keyhole of his deadbolt would be more appropriate. He’ll be up all night waiting for a locksmith.

  2. that happened at my complex right after i moved in. it started at about 4 am on my only day off that week, and lasted for about 45 minutes. the fire department showed up and everything….grrrrrrrrrr!

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