Gratuitous cat photo: Russy on alert

Here’s a photo of Russy, standing on high alert on the kitchen counter. I have no idea what he sees or thinks he sees. The picture was taken March 23 this year.

Russy on alert on the kitchen counter
Russy is on alert on the kitchen counter

If that’s not enjoyable enough for you, you can click on the photo to get the larger version.

Now that we have that behind us, let’s move along to my wrap-up of this week’s posts, shall we?

At my Pilgrimito blog, I updated Finding the not-so-secret hidden pizza joint at the Cosmopolitan with a photo. If you plan to visit, the photo may help you find it. Or it may not.

But enough of me. Here are some posts I’ve enjoyed from elsewhere around the web over the past several days:

That is all, my friends.