Sharp dressed man

A few weeks ago, I started a new job, and I quickly realized I had a serious wardrobe problem. The few articles of clothing I still owned that were office-worthy were in a sorry state of repair. My shirts were pill-balled, my pants were becoming crotchless, my socks were threadbare, and my shoes were more scuff than polish. The items I could still wear were years old. It was time for some new clothes.

Lucky for me, I have a cousin who is general manager of a Men’s Wearhouse in nearby Scottsdale. After checking his schedule, I showed up on a Sunday morning just after they opened. Let me tell you, he hooked me up. I got the impression he had been sizing me up for years. In about 45 minutes, we had picked out four shirts, two pairs of slacks, a pair of shoes, and three pairs of socks. The best part is that everything mixes and matches.

The upshot is that I feel like a new person. I’ve started receiving compliments on my clothes. From people who aren’t even related to me. I’m not quite sure how to respond to them. I’ve never received compliments on my clothes before.