Apple iPhone commercials, Siri

I’m somewhat surprised by Apple’s recent iPhone commercials featuring Siri. Are these advertisements supposed to lead us to believe that actors like Samuel L. Jackson, Zooey Deschanel, and John Malkovich have such uninteresting lives that they pass their time having conversations with their phones? If so, what should we expect from their movies?

Unusual: A two-dollar bill in my change

I suddenly felt hungry on my way home from work this afternoon, so I decided to stop at a Dunkin’ Donuts for a small coffee and a donut. The bill came to $2.71. I gave the cashier $20.76. He gave me back a ten, a five, a one, and a nickel.

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Upgrading memory on the Mac mini

Several months ago I bought a 2 GB RAM upgrade for my Mac mini. Admittedly it was a total impulse buy. I saw the price, thought it was a bargain, and snagged it. After the new memory arrived, I finally decided to look into how to install it. That may have been a mistake. It turns out there was no guidance from Apple for upgrading RAM in a Mac mini. The official position was to take it to an Apple Store, which would undoubtedly have cost much more than the memory. Unofficially, there was a tutorial available in the Mac Forums, but it looked complicated enough that I didn’t want to undertake the project until I was prepared to see it through. So, for all these months, the modules have been sitting idle on my kitchen counter. Continue reading “Upgrading memory on the Mac mini”